Incorporating sustainable practices and mitigating our environmental impacts are fundamental pillars of our ethos. This section serves to showcase our certifications, catalog of sustainable materials and products, as well as our environmental policies.


Green Small Business certification signifies that as a business, we have successfully implemented environmentally sustainable practices and policies. It demonstrates our commitment to minimising our environmental impact by reducing resource consumption, waste generation, and emissions. This certification is equivalent to ISO 14001 certification.



Green Small Business Certificate (pdf)


We Recycle 90% of Our Raw Material Waste

As a manufacturer of bespoke furniture and cubicle systems we have long faced the challenge of managing and disposing of our raw material waste. Whilst we attempted to recycle and reuse wherever possible, a large proportion of our waste materials ultimately ended up in skips and landfill sites. Recognising our commitment to sustainability, we have recently made a significant investment in new machinery with the objective to repurpose as much of our waste raw materials as possible and further reduce our impact on waste to landfill.

Working closely with Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council, we received support from the Shared Prosperity Fund Business Growth Grant and have recently installed an industrial wood shredder and a briquette press at our workshop site.

This machinery has transformed our business model, enabling us to recycle over 90% of raw materials waste which would previously have been disposed of via skips at our workshop or on site.

Firstly, waste materials are shredded, then fed into the briquette press which compacts the waste to produce briquettes that can be then used for heating.

This initiative has significantly improved our waste management performance and has supported the creation of a new job within the business. We recognise this as an important step to achieving the objectives outlined in our environmental action plan and reinforcing our commitment to being a Green Small Business.


Products and Materials: Crafting Excellence Through Sustainability

Sustainability holds a paramount role in our approach, and we tirelessly search for products that align with our standards. Attached, you will find a comprehensive catalog featuring the sustainable materials and products that we frequently implement in our projects. We invite you to browse this collection and consider integrating them into your upcoming project.

FGP Products & Materials: Crafting Excellence Through Sustainability (pdf link)


Environmental Policies

Please take the opportunity to review our environmental policy. We adhere to these policies diligently, conducting annual reviews to ensure our alignment with best practices and relevant environmental codes.


First Grade Projects – Environmental Policy (pdf link)

We invite you to also review our environmentally preferable purchasing policy. This policy outlines our strategy for acquiring materials in an environmentally sustainable manner. 


First Grade Projects – Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy (pdf link)