St Margaret’s Catholic Primary School

September, 2023 This comprehensive project encompassed our turn-key approach including the design, reconfiguration, and installation of new toilet facilities for St Margaret’s Catholic School. Our project began with the stripping out of the existing facilities to pave the way for a complete transformation. The primary objectives included the creation of a modern, functional space featuring […]

Olchfa School, Swansea – Science Laboratory Refurbishment

This project entailed the total refurbishment of a dated science laboratory to create a new and upgraded facilities. The scope of work included the manufacture and installation of fixed furniture and Trespa worktops, as well as the installation of all Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) systems, new flooring, and decoration. The goal of the refurbishment was […]

Garden Rooms – Design and Instillation

We designed and constructed bespoke garden rooms to meet our client’s specifications. Our team managed the entire process, from design to construction, ensuring attention to detail and client satisfaction. The project included architectural design, structural engineering, material selection, and interior finishes. We prioritised craftsmanship and coordinated all construction aspects to ensure high standards. Interior features […]

Residential – Hall, Stairs and Toilet Refurbishment

This high-specification refurbishment project transformed this interior space to meet the clients’ exact specifications. We incorporated various elements, such as marble flooring, venetian plastering, internal doors, staircase, radiators, lighting, air conditioning, and comprehensive re-decoration. Marble flooring and wall tiling added a touch of luxury and durability. Venetian plastering provided a polished and textured surface, enhancing […]

The Chapter – Office and Kitchen Refurbishment

This project involved creating private office space and fully installing a new kitchen, including flooring, worktops, and appliances. The goal was to establish functional workspaces that met the occupants’ needs. We started by carefully assessing the area and making necessary modifications to create a private office space. This involved erecting glazed partitions, installing doors, and […]

Private Client – Office Refurbishment

This project involved the complete refurbishment of a previously dilapidated high street office, transforming it into new, bright, and modern facilities. The primary goal was to revitalise the space, maximising its usable area while creating an inviting and contemporary environment. The refurbishment process encompassed various aspects, including structural improvements, interior redesign, and the installation of […]

GP Shipping – Hospitality Suite Design and Refurbishment

This project involved the comprehensive design, manufacture, and installation of a hospitality suite at Rodney Parade. The primary objective was to create an inviting and stylish space that provided an exceptional experience for guests. A custom-made bar and benching were key features that we integrated into our design. These custom-made elements were manufactured using high-quality […]

Twickenham Stadium – Hospitality Suite Design and Refurbishment

This project involved designing, manufacturing, and installing a sophisticated and functional hospitality suite at Twickenham Stadium. We collaborated closely with stakeholders to create an inviting atmosphere, incorporating comfortable seating and a well-designed layout. A custom-made bar and benching solutions were integrated into the room, while carefully selected materials ensured durability and visual appeal. Installation encompassed […]

Dragons Rugby – Changing Rooms Design and Refurbishment

This project entailed the design and refurbishment of the changing rooms at Rodney Parade, the home stadium of the Dragons rugby team. The primary objective was to create modern and functional facilities that met the specific needs of the team and staff. The design phase involved careful consideration of the requirements and preferences of the […]

NHS, RCT – Fire Doors, Worktops and Various Others

Supply and installation of fire doors and bespoke worktops to various areas across site. Our collaboration with the NHS (RCT) remains ongoing and we have recently been invited to tender for large scale projects.