Dragons Rugby – Changing Rooms Design & Refurbishment

Project Overview

This project entailed the design and refurbishment of the changing rooms at Rodney Parade, the home stadium of the Dragons rugby team. The primary objective was to create modern and functional facilities that met the specific needs of the team and staff. The design phase involved careful consideration of the requirements and preferences of the staff and players. We collaborated closely with the stakeholders to create a tailored design that incorporated both practicality and aesthetics. The aim was to provide a motivating and comfortable environment for the players, coaches, and support staff. The refurbishment process encompassed various aspects, including layout reconfiguration, interior finishes, and installation of new fixtures and equipment. The changing rooms were transformed to optimise space utilisation, facilitate team communication, and provide the necessary amenities for pre- and post-match preparations in an elite sport environment. We implemented high-quality materials and finishes to ensure durability and ease of maintenance. Additionally, specific attention was given to the installation of functional fixtures, such as storage units, and seating areas, to enhance usability and convenience within the changing rooms. Throughout the project, we collaborated closely with the Dragons rugby team and stadium management to minimise disruption to training and match schedules. We adhered worked efficiently to deliver the refurbished changing rooms within the agreed-upon timeframe.

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